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Enrich your life with an unforgettable yoga retreat

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Jeju Island

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Relax & Renew Yoga Retreat in Jeju
Rediscover your equilibrium - unwind, energize, and balance. Breathe in deeply the fresh mountain air.
Discover a deep, cleansing and relaxing experience at this intimate retreat at Jeju Island, a natural World Heritage Site in South Korea.
This natural and picturesque region is yours to explore - stunning landscapes, lush countryside, the infinite bounty of the food, energy, and love that is found at one of South Korea's most precious hidden gems.

Yoga Program

Our classes are designed for participants who are beginner to intermediate and alternative poses are taught so all abilities can be in flow.
Mikyung will be conducting two daily classes to fit the needs of each group and individuals - RELAX & RENEW.
We teach all classes in English.


Open to all levels




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