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Mikyung Shin

Miykung’s knowledge on anatomy, postural correction, and Active-Isolated-Stretching are very useful when it comes to understanding the characteristics of one’s body. She also incorporates functional movement and postural alignment into her teachings. 


Being a lifelong learner, she deepens her practice with Master Ji-yeon and Master Vinay Kumar with trainings in Korea and India. 


Master Ji-yeon was Mikyung’s first yoga teacher who teaches Hatha Yoga by melting meditation into her practices. Ji-yeon’s dedication toward the students and persistence have inspired Mikyung’s yoga journey. 


Master Vinay Kumar emphasises the integration of breath and asana through the Prana Vashya Yoga sequence. It has also shaped Mikyung’s way of practice and teaching.


Mikyung believes that understanding every practitioner’s ability is the key to help them reach their fullest potential. Students will be given full attention and modifications to help bring balance and awareness to their bodies. 

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Yin Yin 

Since 2009, Yin Yin has established a self-discipline and consistent practice on Hatha Yoga. She was attracted to the challenging physical aspect of asanas and the mental clarity that one could gain in practice. 


She then enrolled for RYT 200 hour teacher training to immerse deeply in the philosophy behind yoga. Understanding the system of yoga has inspired her to live each day mindfully, along with passion and joy. What started as an exercise quickly became an interest that is close to her heart. 


 Yin yin is a dedicated teacher who always listens and makes connection with her students. Through her teaching experience, she realises that weakness can be transformed into strength; and that a teacher plays an important role in guiding the students patiently through body alignment, breathing and self awareness. 

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