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We are excited to announce a new online course happening on 4th - 29th April 2022.

Look forward to you joining us!

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Course Details

Duration : 4th - 29th April 2022

Day: Every Monday to Friday

Time : 6.30pm (80 minutes)

What we will cover

* Understanding and practicing important basic asanas.

* Practice overall strength and endurance.

* Practice for developing overall flexibility.

* Breaking down postures and learning the steps.

Suitable for all levels

Fees : RM 360.00 (valid between 4th - 29th April 2022)

Note : Existing Align Yoga pass can be used (20-class credit will be deducted). Please note that credit for any missed classes will not be refunded.


1) I'm a beginner. Can I join this course?

Usually in the first two weeks, you will be introduced to basic asanas and learn ways to observe your body and techniques on how to breathe comfortably. As you progress and become more comfortable, the class will proceed to be divided into levels of difficulty according to the individual's competency.

After the one month course is over, you will be able to practice at home for 20 minutes on your own and you will be able to remember the names of the basic yoga poses.

Everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition can participate in the class.

2) What can I expect in my first class?

If it is your first class, you will probably not be familiar with the instructions so you will need to look at the screen often, hence the first few days can be hectic. During the first week, you will expect pain in your muscles and will probably want to rest for a day or so.

It takes time to accept and adapt to new things, so please use your strong will and patience to the fullest until you get used to it.

3) Can I share my yoga pass with my family and friends?

Yoga passes are non-shareable.

4) My fitness level is pretty high, will this course be boring?

I often hear from athletic persons that yoga is a "girl thing", "it's too easy" and that is the reason they don't have interest in yoga. I understand many people have a preconceived perception as to what yoga is - poses and stretches; but in reality you will never the know essence of yoga until you experience it for yourself. Yoga practice embodies elements beyond poses and stretches. Yoga is a system towards complete mastery over your mind.

At the end of the class "I thought Yoga was easy and just involves stretching - I am sweating!". Too easy? I think not.  ;)

Register Online Intensive Yoga

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