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If you’ve used a printer before or if you’ve at least some basic knowledge, then you must be aware that you need to download additional software on your computer device in order for your printer to work. For hardware devices like a printer, this software is called a driver. Many of these drivers are already included in your Windows OS however, you still need to download some from the printer website to get it working in a smooth way. The same is with HP printers that require you to install a few additional printer drivers that are not actually included by default on your PC. You can easily install these drivers from the HP website. If you won’t install these drivers before connecting your printer to the PC, you can get the HP Printer Installation Failed message on your screen.

The solution to this problem is simple, you need to install the correct and compatible HP printer drivers for your device. To know more about HP Printer Installation Failed error or how to download HP printer drivers, head to our HP Printer Support blog section now.

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